My name is Oriane, I am a certified Nonviolent Communication (NVC) trainer.
I live and share NVC mainly in France. I am also regularly invited to the Netherlands.
Know more about me, my vision and mission.

What brought me to NVC?

I find it heroic to transform my inner intensity in messages that create connection with others. I long for love and closeness and yet, I am shocked to witness that again and again when powerful emotions are triggered in me, the words that come out of my mouth create the opposite: violence, distance and sometimes the loss of connection with those close to me.

Growing up, I was never taught to listen to my inner “violence” with compassion, nor to take responsibility for it and find out what is the precious message behind it. What used to come out of my mouth was more often than I liked: blame, accusation and judgement. It contributed to me feeling lonely and alienated, never to the experience of being heard and understood.

Does that sound familiar? Does it resonate in any way with you?

Why NVC?

Created by Marshall Rosenberg, this process is the most powerful tool I have found (so far) to support me in unconditionally welcoming my sensations and emotions, to become aware of the needs that are alive in me and to find concrete ways to meet those needs. And when things do not work the way I want, to welcome what is (sadness, disappointment etc.) with softness, to be able to pick myself up again. More about NVC.

What do I offer?

I offer Workshops in different countries. I also specialise in One-to-One Healing Sessions and Mediation. You can read here What people say/Testimonials.

Interested? Connect with me!

Looking forward to walk this path together,