Online courses

In collaboration with Yoram Mosenzon and Connecting2Life.

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All my other workshops are currently in French. If you want, have a look.

My workshops offer the possibility to dive deep in the learning and experience the process as well as a strong connection with oneself and others.

My team of assistants

I always work with a large team of passionate and highly skilled assistants. This team is there to support the learning as well as the emotional waves that can occur for each and every one.  Their presence contributes to enhance the depth, safety, attention and care that each participant receives for his/her process.


“I think Oriane shares NVC with care and passion. I liked her rhythm, the balance between theory and practice. She shares NVC principles with such clarity that I leave this weekend with a deep understanding of what was covered. I learned a lot and got very inspired. A week has passed already and big changes occurred in the sphere of relationship in my life. Today I could speak up in front of a large group within a conflict situation. I spoke from my heart, sticking to NVC principles (such as taking responsibility for my feelings, for example), people were touched, it made a big difference. I am amazed how such a big impact 2 days of workshop have made on me and my life.”
– N. Ziglio


“I feel lighter since this weekend. Something changed in me. A different energy, an understanding of what I was missing in my life. I even miss your voice! I have done loads of self-development workshops in my life, but what I experienced this weekend makes sense to me! Welcoming my feelings and needs in the moment helps me feel very connected to myself, very real.”  L. Bergeron


“Among other things, I particularly enjoy when Oriane grasps a live interaction within the group and uses it to illustrate an important principle. It makes it all very alive.” – V. Cibert


“Thank you for showing yourself so vulnerably the whole weekend, sharing your doubts and self–judgments. So authentic! It helped me acknowledge my own vulnerability, I guess I was a bit stuck in a super perfect spiritual version of myself. I could welcome and even have fun with my own judgments and start being interested in what they have to tell me.” S. Gerrand