Ivanna Jeune 

Practical assistant / Coordinator assistants’ team

I came to NVC a few years ago because I was frustrated that I was not able to connect with others as deeply as I wished to.

NVC has brought me much more than I had hoped for : while I was looking for the connection with others, I found the connection with myself. I discovered a way to meet myself in a much deeper and fuller way than I had been used to.
Since then, I have been passionately continuing this journey towards myself, and towards meeting many others and live heart to heart relationships.

Helping Oriane to organise her courses and her activity is my way, a very personal way, to contribute to spreading this art of living that is NVC, hoping that it can touch other people as it has touched me.

Laura Sol 

Graphic and webdesign

I love supporting Oriane because I really believe in her work and how important it is for the world. Not just that she’s sharing NVC, but also the way that she does it. I really appreciate the unique flavour in which Oriane embodies, models and teaches NVC, and it’s a real joy to be able to contribute to making her work happen.

I’ve created this website and help out with maintaining it, and I also design the workshop flyers. Beauty is one of the driving forces of my life, central to what inspires and motivates me, and our tastes are often aligned, so it’s always a pleasure to create something together with Oriane.

And on top of all this, we’re also friends. 🙂