NVC Empathic Listening

Empathy? This word had little meaning to me some years ago. Today, it is one of my central needs. When anger, sadness or fear are alive in me, when I find myself in mental and emotional chaos, this way of listening proves to be one of the most precious tools that has been given to me.

In the same way that each and every day I care for my physical hygiene (I brush my teeth etc.), I want to practice an “emotional hygiene” as well, a safe space in which I can welcome, explore and fully embrace all that is in me, in a non-judgmental way.

When what is inside of me can fully be expressed, when the essence of what is important to me (my needs and longings) can emerge, then step by step, my feelings start changing. I experience an opening and inner clarity that then empowers me to take action.

The content of my sessions

I’ve been offering one-on-one healing sessions based on the art and craft of NVC for seven years. I feel passionate to work like this; I love offering my sensitivity and life experience and being present with others.

Empathic listening is the base of my work. Depending on the situation and what the person is going through, I also offer all kinds of processes that come from NVC, such as:

  • Freeing myself from guilt
  • Exploring my biggest fears
  • Welcoming my judgments and learning to speak with myself compassionately
  • Healing dialogue with a person in my life that stimulated pain in me
  • Mediation between different parts of myself
  • Different role plays

I would have loved to receive this quality of presence as a child, the quality of “Whatever is going on in you, I want to see you, welcome you as you are and accept you unconditionally”. These sessions are my “drop of water” contribution towards such a world, a world where each and every human being is being received unconditionally.

A session lasts between 1h10 and 1h30.


“I was going through a real storm: burn-out, exhaustion, hopelessness. My professional dreams
were falling apart. Oriane allowed me to meet different parts of myself (some of them very depressed) wish much softness. I immediately trusted her because of the way of listening she offered and a role-play she suggested that I found very powerful. I discovered who I was deeply inside, very deeply and I recovered the life energy that I had been missing for a long time. After that I felt peaceful and alive, closer than ever to my life energy. The days that followed, my professional situation improved. Without realising it, I started being able to listen to my own needs and to make choices that were better informed. My family and couple life also improved.
Thank you so much, Oriane!”
– E. Quartier


“This morning session was really good for me. It’s so precious to reconcile those parts within myself that I thought were too different to live together. I can see myself with much more compassion and therefore others as well. Thank you again, you’re a magician.” – A. Dhausen


“The most helpful for me is that you showed me how to welcome my judgments, my fears and my
doubts with much empathy, which helped me express myself and experience freedom.” – O. Manhes


“From session one with Oriane I remembered two things that helped me tremendously:
1/ “It’s the body that guides me”, which was very crucial for me at that time, to build trust in the signals my body sends me.
2/ “All the thoughts that bring pain in me, I can welcome them”, that was revolutionary for me. I had tried all my life to fight with my thoughts and make them disappear! I had a very strong need to reconcile with myself and Oriane put me on the way.” – H. Seguela